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David Alvarez

David Alvarez is the former resident DJ and artistic director of Milonga del Angel in Nimes, a famous representative of the milonguero style in France, both in its  atmosphere and the music selection. David Alvarez is regularly called upon to dj at encuentros in France and Italy. He composes a program combining energy and emotion.

Andreas Neumann

Andreas was one of the first who helped shaping Siempre Tango in Karlsruhe in the nineties of the last century and was actively involved in establishing the Karlsruhe and the Baden-Baden Tango Festivals. He became passionate about the tango music and developed quickly to become one of the first DJs in Karlsruhe. Far ahead of his time, he developed a special passion for the very old records, when those were far less popular than they are today. In 2008 Andreas moved to Hamburg where he continued his activities as a DJ in the local milongas there. He kept a close relationship to Siempre Tango and has been a regular visitor of all its festivals ever since.    

Myriam Alarcon

Some 9 years ago I started my first steps on the " pista de baile " and I was immediately hooked by tango ... . 2 years later, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the Argentinean culture and it is through djing that I did.

Thus for about 7 years , I Dj in many Milongas of France, particularly in southeast of France where I started, but also regularly in Europe, where I participate in many Encuentros of Milonguero circuit and european Marathons as in France , Italy, Portugal , Spain, Germany , Austria, ...

Musicalize is as great a pleasure for me to dance and this is why I am , above all, attentive to the dancers and my feelings about the dance floor during the evening. For me it is essential to running a good party.

A bailar !!!!!!

Marco Moretti

Marco Moretti «El Tano» came to know the Argentine tango in 1985 in the famous bar "Trottoirs de Buenos Aires“ in Paris.  He came in touch with many legendary milongueros of the time, who shaped his tango feeling and introduced him to the music and the dance. Accordingly, Marco, who lives in Paris since 1982, became one of the first Europeans to discover tango and to become passionate about it. A Milonguero at heart, Marco favors the Milonguero dance stile and is a frequent participant in encuentros across France and Italy. He considers himself privileged to hold the ladies, as queens of the milonga, in his arm. 

Trottoirs de Buenos-Aires“ 

In the year 1981, Argentines living in exile in Paris (some with big names like Susana Rinaldi) established the bar  "Trottoirs de Buenos Aires“. It became a magnet for lovers of the tango music and has, until its closure in 1994, an enormous influence in making tango popular across Europe. The legendary orchestra Sexteto Mayor played at the opening and showed since then regularly at the location. A disc cover of the orchestra carries the name "Trottoirs de Buenos Aires“. 

Carlo Sansour

Carlo Sansour is one of the tango pioneers in Germany. He came to work with legends of tango such as Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda.

He was the first DJ in Stuttgart and has been very influential in shaping the tango scenes in the whole South-West of Germany (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Mannheim).

He established Siempre Tango in Karlsruhe and in Adelaide, Australia and is the creator of a series of tango festivals in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden. His Djing reflects this background as he strives to strike a balance between the strong beat and the melody; what he plays must be moving.